Cloth & Co. was founded through the shared passion and commitment for positive environmental and social change of mother Caroline, and daughter Daisy.

Caroline grew up with textiles, with two generations in the trade. In 2007 she shared her love of India with Daisy on a journey through India working with the women in the villages outside Jaipur on a block-printing project designed to empower and create long-term livelihood opportunities.

Over the next 7 years, Caroline and Daisy connected with other women’s cooperatives and saw how teaching skills and giving guidance on creating marketable products could fundamentally change lives.

In 2014, Cloth & Co. was founded. Through their experiences Caroline, the creative mind behind the brand and Daisy, graduate of a Masters of International Business, were inspired to apply their skills to a business that would combine working in the communities and making a positive impact, where everything that was created would have a purpose and change people’s lives.

Cloth & Co. is a business founded on human connection, and the idea to create beautiful lifestyle collections that would have a positive impact, both social and environmental. Cloth & Co. isn’t here to produce more stuff, it was founded with a considered approach to create high quality, basic essentials that are made to last.