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Our Stories

Talking about a Revololution

Since we started Cloth & Co. one of the important aspects of what we do is to connect, we have always travelled to see our partners, connected with them so that we know how they work and they can understand how we work, it's about supporting each other; the relationships we have nurtured are so important to us, in fact our business would have no meaning if it wasn’t for these relationships which is why we want to share this with you.

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Getting Down to Earth

Founder of Cloth & Co. dreams about feeding the family on a fresh harvest of home grown organic vegetables while husband Matt tills the soil. The thought of continued self isolation with the COVID-19 pandemic and becoming self sufficient had a hint of appeal in the initial days of government imposed restrictions so we dashed out to pick up our organic compost (to supplement our home composting bin) and organic seedlings!

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